Distributor of fresh fish

Miguel Sanz, S.L., is a distribution company of fresh fish and seafood for the local, national and international market. Our experience and our strategic location in Pasajes offer to our clients a wide range of quality fresh fish from the several fish markets of the Basque Country.

Pasajes: Fishing port

We are situated in Pasajes which is in one of the more traditional fishing ports of the Cantabrian Sea. We can find two different fish markets.

- Market for deep-sea fishing, where the big ships commercialize the fish caught by trawling.

- Market for shallow water fishing, where every day the Basque fleet sells the fish caught with traditional and manual skills.

Pasajes fishing port

Your reliable wholesaler of fresh fish in pasajes

Quality agreement

Miguel Sanz, S.L. guarantees the top quality and freshness of the fish due to we supervise carefully all the process of commercialization.

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